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Perfect Galleries with Jquery

There are some links provided by Irfan Uygur. Irfan is a brilliant web programmer with great collector skills. He collects and saves links, pdf’s, articles and anythink he likes on web. And he saves them on his hard drive with the program treePad with good descriptions. When i need something, before googling it, i ask him. This is why he gets angry usually but when i think overall, it’s a fair price for such great information :)

Here are great gallery links made with jquery (i asked İrfan about vertical carousel)
jParallax – jParallax turns a selected element into a ‘window.’ Through this window you can see a number of absolutely positioned layers. The layers move in response to the mouse, giving a parallax effect. The parallax effect was utilized on the popular Silverback application website last year.

360 Virtual Tour – This is a really nice plugin that allows you to add a panoramic image to your site with additional interactivity. Users can pan around the image and also click on hotspots for a closer view. –
Illuminated letters – This plugin lets you add a decorative drop cap to your text. The drop caps are images provided in a zip file with the plugin. I imagine it would be reasonably straightforward to replace the provided images with your own letter images if you wanted to use a different style. –

parallax – This is a really nice plugin that allows you to add a panoramic image to your site with additional interactivity.Users can pan around the image and also click on hotspots for a closer view. –

jCrop lets users choose part of a large image and crop it to produce a second smaller image. This would be ideal for situations such as creating an avatar or thumbnail image for example. –

Image Annotation lets you choose hotspots on an image where you can add tooltips or notes which display with a mouse rollover. You’ve probably seen this effect numerous times if you use Flickr.
imageannotation –

jCaption plugin lets you easily add a caption to an image. As simple as that. –

jQuery Lightbox is a simple and elegant way to overlay image on the current page.

Gallery View is a beautifully clean and versatile gallery. It contains thumbnails, a semi-transparent overlay for image descriptions and captions for the thumbnails. –

S3 Slider is a slideshow offering smooth transition of images with a semi-transparent area overlaid with the image description. –
Galleriffic allows for two types of gallery setup, “simple” and “advanced”. The simple option uses text links to link to each image in the gallery while the advanced choice displays thumbnails on the left hand side. Other features include bookmark friendly URLs, image caption and descriptions and slideshow options. –

jQuery lightBox plugin

jQuery Image Strip
jQuery slideViewer
jQuery jqGalScroll 2.0
jQuery Photo Slider
jQuery Thumbs – easily create thumbnails
jQuery jQIR Image Replacement
jCarousel Lite
Interface Imagebox
Image Gallery using jQuery, Interface & Reflactions
simple jQuery Gallery
jQuery Gallery Module
EO Gallery
jQuery ScrollShow
prettyPhoto a jQuery lightbox clone : Artuc – 15-05-2008 Thu –
jQuery Cycle Plugin : COK GUZEL SECENEKLERI VAR !!! shuffle, zoom, fade, turnDown, scrollUp, scrollRight
jQuery Flickr
jQuery Lazy Load Images Plugin
Zoomi – Zoomable Thumbnails
jQuery Crop – crop any image on the fly
Image Reflection
16-05-2008 Fri :
Common slide-show animations :
Galleria :
imgAreaSelect :
jQuery.popeye – an inline lightbox alternative

Adds captions to images. captions are pulled from the alt tag or the html for a specified element.

Simple JQuery Image Slide Show with Semi-Transparent Caption

jQuery Image Gallery/News Slider with Caption Tutorial

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